Request a song

We're currently hard at work deciding what songs we are going to play on our upcoming Summer Nerve Therapy Tour. Why don't you let us know what songs you'd like to hear by throwing out some requests...


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Pre-sale for Rotto Live has begun!

No need to wait until General Sale tomorrow! Get your tickets now!

Rotto Live! Sunday 13 April!

Spend you Sunday on Rottnest Island with Jebediah!

January shows in VIC

Extending the January show dates to VIC!

NYE Dunsborough WA

We are stupidly pleased to announce that we will be ringing in 2014 with a very special NEW YEARS EVE SHOW at none other than the DUNSBOROUGH TAVERN!

Announcing the support band for January!

Along for the ride in NSW this coming January is Sea Legs!

NSW shows for January 2014!

Jebediah are playing summer shows through NSW in January!!

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Melbourne

Jebediah are playing the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne tomorrow!

The Procession: 10 Years of Dew Process

Jebediah's Australian label, Dew Process, turns 10 this year! To celebrate, they've released a birthday compilation - "The Procession: 10 Years of Dew Process"...

Super Saturday

Super Saturday with Jebediah!

Rock Lily

Catch Jebediah at Rock Lily on Friday 28 Sept for their only Sydney show for the remainder of the year! Oh...and it's FREE entry!

Buy A Brick

The Annandale Hotel is an iconic venue on the Australian live music scene and Jebediah have bought a brick to help save it from closure.

State Of The Art!

"She's Like A Comet" a front runner for 2 APRA Music Awards

Jebediah are up for 2 APRA Music Awards - Most Played Australian Work and Rock Work of the Year!

She's Like A Comet" - wins First Prize in the ISC!

"She's LIke A Comet" brings home First Prize in the Rock Category!

"She's Like A Comet" is an ISC Finalist

"She's Like A Comet" has been selected as a Finalist in the Rock Category of the ISC 2011

Hottest 100 Closes Tonight!

Voting closes for this 2011's Hottest 100 tonight, get your votes in now!

End of Year Blog

What have the Jebs been up to lately? Kev answers all in a new blog, and lets us know where you can catch Jebediah for the last shows of 2011!

triple j: Favourite Albums of 2011 poll

Was 'Kosciuszko' one of your favourite albums of 2011? Let triple j know with their brand new album poll!

New show! Dec 29th!

Headed to Coogee Bay Hotel

Vote Jebediah!

Vote Jebediah for ARIA Awards Most Popular Australian Live Artist 2011!

Jebediah kick off Aus Music Month with Triple J Like A Version!

Hilarious tales of Xmas, being "banned", The Wiggles and more plus a tribute to Custard!

Hi From Freo!

Brett, Chris and Ness say g'day from sunny Freo and will catch you soon on Jebediah's Battle For November Tour!


Win tickets to the Battle For November shows!

Vote for Jebediah: OZ Artist 2011

Channel [V] Oz Artist for 2011 is open for voting!

Best Rock Album ARIA Nomination!

This morning ARIA announced the nominees for this year's awards! Jebediah have come home with a nom for Best Rock Album for Kosciuszko!!

Rewiggled - A Tribute to the Wiggles

Jebediah to feature in an upcoming tribute album celebrating the enourmous success of The Wiggles!

Request Battlesong

Request Battlesong on radio now!

Jebediah at the Sydney Telstra 500 V8 Supercars

Jebediah at the Sydney Telstra 500 V8 Supercars

Tour Tickets Now On Sale

The Jebs are heading in to do battle in 5 capital cities through November, and you can now grab your tickets!

Stonefest tickets on sale today!

Stonefest tickets on sale today!

New clip for "Battlesong"

The new clip for "Battlesong" is now up!

Battle For November Tour

A new single and a visit to capital cities?!

Jebediah announced for Stonefest 2011

Jebediah have been announced this morning as a headline act for the most excellent Stonefest in Canberra this year

Jebediah's Splendour Set: Live at the Wireless!

Tune into triple j from 8PM AEST tonight to catch the Jebs set straight from Splendour!

'She's Like A Comet' goes GOLD!

'She's Like A Comet' has gone GOLD on the ARIA charts

Listen to 'She's Like A Comet' recorded live at Splendour

A live recording of 'She's Like A Comet' from Jebediah's set at Splendour In The Grass on the weekend is up now on Triple J's website

Jebediah's Splendour set on Triple J's Live At The Wireless

Jebediah's live set at Splendour In The Grass on the weekend will be broadcast on Triple J's "Live At The Wireless" next Monday night.

Tales from the road: Ness' WA tour blog

Tales from the road: Ness gives us a sweet run down of the recent WA leg of Jebediah's Kosciuszko tour!

Tales from the road: Kev's NSW coast tour blog

Tales from the road: Kev's NSW coast tour blog

Tales from the road: Brett's Blog Volume II

Volume II, and the conclusion (for now) of Brett's tales from the road!

Tales from the road: Brett's Blog Volume I

Volume I of Brett's lastest epic.

WA Shows

Some important info on the WA shows coming up this weekend!

"Comet" a finalist in the Vanda & Young Song Competition

"Comet" has been announced as a top 12 finalist!

Slightly Odway

comes in at #15 in triple j's Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time countdown!

Jebs are packing their skis....

The Jebs are hitting the slopes with some new snow dates!

The Week in Review...

Hometown gigs, Radelaide and a NRL State of Origin show...not a bad way to spend a week!

Jebediah predicted by Nostradamus

Who knew?

Bar 120, Hillarys

Tickets are selling fast!

NRL State of Origin

Check out how you can catch Jebediah playing at tonight's NRL State of Origin game!

Caffeine addictions and lucky t-shirts

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that the following account of the last few days is at all accurate and some time has passed so now I'm not even sure if any of this really happened at all.

Announcing some regional Supports!

San Cisco, Trigger Jackets & Cola Wars jump on board the Kosciuszko Album Tour

Jebediah at Coaster 2011!

And it's a great all Australian lineup!

triple j - Hottest 100 Australian Albums of All Time

All the details you need right here!

Family Breakfasts, Flannel shirts and one rock show to warm the bones

The day starts with a pit stop in Surrey Hills to grab breakfast at one of our favourite cafes... Band breakfasts are something of a ritual on tour

Pre tour recurring dreams, 2 dollar challenges, sleep and the lack of...and rock n roll!

It's early. Very early. It's so early that I can't be sure of the time....I've had so many dreams of doing just this - the "going on tour take-off" - that until I'm in the shower, I'm not sure that I'm not still asleep

Win at the WAMi's!

"She's Like A Comet" has won a WAMi for Most Popular Single/EP!

Control on Channel [V] & MAX

You can now request the new clip for Control on Channel [V] and MAX

Behind The Scenes: Filming "Control"

Take a look behind the scenes, on location with Jebediah as they film the clip for "Control".

Pantlessness, drum violations, alcohol shortages and other touring incidents

Okay it's been just over a week since we returned from our recent jaunt to Victoria (less of a jaunt for Kev, just a few outings) so here's a little belated wrap-up, my first post since I-don't-know-when-maybe-Braxton-era.

Change of Support - VIC

Some unfortunate news today as Violent Soho have had to cancel the Victorian leg in support of Jebediah, due to illness. The band wish to apologise for any inconvenience caused & look forward to seeing you again soon, bigger, better & stronger. The good news is that Raul from Magic Dirt's new band RIVER OF SNAKES are going to be jumping in!

Jebediah with Hamish and Andy!

Jebediah will be hitting the airwaves on the Today Network with Hamish and Andy this afternoon at 5pm AEST to play a track.

Up for a WAMi!

"She's Like a Comet" is up for a WAMi for Most Popular Single/EP this year! Check out how you can put in a vote for Jebs.

triple j Interview!

Brett and Kev catch up for a hilarious interview with The Doctor. Have a listen...

Jebs on Sunrise

Check out the guys doing She's Like A Comet to kick off Kosciuszko release!

KOSCIUSZKO Track by Track #12: Are We OK?

Capping off our track-by-track video interviews with the last song on Kosciuszko..."Are We Ok?"

Channel [V] Guerilla Gig

When? Where? How? It's all here!

Welcome to KOSCIUSZKO: The Story

The full documentary now online here for your viewing pleasure!

KOSCIUSZKO Track by Track #11: High [Horse]

Our second last track-by-track!

Splendour in the Grass

See you at splendour!

Behind the Scenes @ National Youth Week 2011

A behind the scenes clip from the National Youth Week concert in Melbourne!

A word from the Jebs!

Jebs' check in with us about Friday's Kosciuszko release, the documentry, and a [V] guerrilla gig somewhere in Sydney!

KOSCIUSZKO Track by Track 10: The Lash

The Lash stands out on Kosciuszko as having a unique style. Born from an idea of Chris, who then jammed it out with Kev, it eventually came together in the studio during the later album sessions.

Win A Party Competition

And the winner is...

KOSCIUSZKO Track by Track 9: Freakin' Out

We're continuting the Kosciuszko countdown (it's now just 4 short sleeps away!) with Freakin' Out in track-by-track video #9.

New Regional Dates Announced!

The Kosciuszko Album Tour has been extended around the country!

Video Hits: National Youth Week Concert

Be sure to check out Video Hits Sunday on channel 10 to catch Jebediah's live set from the National Youth Week concert!

KOSCIUSZKO Track by Track 8: Battlesong

Kev explains how Battlesong appeared from the mist, from a chorus written years before. With medieval battle drums liberally applied, this aptly titled track was born!

KOSCIUSZKO Track by Track 7: Under Your Bed

We're down to the business end of the track-by-track videos now with #7, Under Your Bed! The band explains how this song made it through the demo process to be recorded for the album.

Welcome to KOSCIUSZKO [Trailer]

This beautifully crafted documentary directed by Brent Quincy Buchanan, and filmed by Harry Joaquin Charnock will chronicle Jebediah throughout their musical career.

Win A Party Update

Our front runners are...

KOSCIUSZKO Track by Track 6: Control

Proving sometimes the best songs are written after a new years eve all-nighter, Jebediah fill us on on KOSCIUSZKO track #6, Control. Verse written before a gig, and a 6am jam to finish it off. All in a days work!

KOSCIUSZKO Track by Track 5: To Your Door

On day 5 of the track-by-track we get a sneak peek at 'To Your Door'

KOSCIUSZKO Track by Track 4: She's Like a Comet

She's Like a Comet! You've been hearing it all over radio, and now it's time to find out what the guys have to say about it!

KOSCIUSZKO Track by Track 3: Oxygen

Part 3 of the KOSCIUSZKO track-by-track feature. Today the guys discuss "Oxygen"

KOSCIUSZKO Track by Track 2: Lost My Nerve

Part 2 of the track-by-track feature. Today is Lost My Nerve!

KOSCIUSZKO Track by Track: Intro

Get the scoop on Kosciuszko with these track-by-track features videos.

Kosciuszko Vinyl

Limited Kosciuszko vinyl available for pre-order!

River Sessions announced

Announcing some dynamite supports

Violent Soho join the Kosciuszko Album Tour

A big hello!

A new internet video from the band.

Win a Private Party with Jebediah

We're giving away a free show to the biggest Jebediah fan and 100 of their friends!

More Tour news!

Merch Store now Online

The merch store opens it's doors!

Tickets Selling Fast

Tickets On Sale Now

For more ticketing information, please go to our Tours page!


It's the big one! The Kosciuszko Album Tour!

St Kilda Fest!

Pre-order Kosciuszko!

Kosciuszko is now available for pre-order

Behind the Scenes of "She's Like a Comet"

Who is that superhero?


The deluxe pre-order for Kosciuszko will be up on iTunes tomorrow (Tues 8 Feb)

She's Like A Comet on your radio

Listen out for "She's Like A Comet" on your favourite radio station...

She's Like A Comet - New Video Premiere

Happy Video Premiere Day!

A visit to Triple J

Kev will be personally hand carrying the new Jebediah single into Triple J this Monday at Breakfast

St Kilda Festival and Murdoch University

Jebediah are playing St Kilda Festival on Sunday 13 Feb and Murdoch University

"She's Like A Comet" - sneak peek!

"She's Like A Comet" premieres this Thursday 27 Jan...

Pics from the New video clip for "She's Like A Comet"

"She's Like A Comet" coming to Youtube and a TV screen near you very soon...

New Single coming soon

Listen out for the new single, "She's Like A Comet"!


A first hand (ever so slightly hazy) account of a Jebediah style New Years eve, the days after and how you could win a rare and awesome Jebs prize pack...


A special community message from all of us at Jebediah HQ

Seeking classic pics

We here at Jebs HQ are seeking photos that all of you have taken of our favourite band over the years

Shiny new video

"Animal" live at the Annandale 9th Dec 2010

Jebediah back catalogue

Finally available online!

More tickets for Brisbane!

50 more tickets released for Brisbane tomorrow night!

Brisbane has SOLD OUT!

The Zoo is now sold out

Tour starts tomorrow!

See you at a show!

Lost My Nerve single available now

Years in the making, it's time for a big party...

Tell us your thoughts!

We'd love to hear from you

Annandale Sold Out!

It's official!

Jebediah at SoundScape 2011

Get ready Hobart...

Annandale selling fast!

Tickets for the Annandale selling rather quickly

Oktoberfest, tours, album and more

As I type this I am slowly decompressing from Sunday’s Oktoberfest celebrations in Perth...

Another free download!

Triple J have decided they love "Lost My Nerve" so much that they want to share it on their free download section?

Free Download!!!

"Lost My Nerve" added to Triple J + a free download of a second album song

"Lost My Nerve"

now playing right here on the website...

Oktoberfest - Perth

It was to be a surprise...


"Lost My Nerve" will debut on the Triple J show "2010" this Sunday at 7pm!

Brand spankin' new website

Hey there boys and girls and welcome to our brand new website!

Summer Nerve Therapy Tour

Jebediah returns to the stage this December!