Slightly Odway reissue release available at the webstore now!! Get in quick....

Hey gang, Our super limited edition Slightly Odway vinyl marble re-issue is now available at our online store while stock lasts! First in best dressed. Good luck and thank you everyone for your overwhelming support and patience!

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To celebrate Record Store Day Australia we are pleased as punch to announce that we are RE-RELEASING our '97 debut album SLIGHTLY ODWAY on super limited edition marble vinyl on SATURDAY APRIL 21st. Seriously, there won't be many of these puppies floating around so hit up your record store or, if you don't have one, (cos yeah, there aren't as many as there used to be), or here on our website on release day. On top of this excellent news, Kev will be playing a once in a life time FREE SOLO ACOUSTIC SET of Odway songs on SATURDAY APRIL 21st at Oh Jean Records in FITZROY, MELBOURNE at 4PM and afterwards sticking around to sign yo shit. HOORAY!

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We've decided to add some shows to our Easter long weekend. On THURSDAY MARCH 29th we'll be at the The Heights (Chelsea Heights Hotel) in Victoria and on SUNDAY APRIL 1st we'll be at Parkwood Tavern, Gold Coast in sunny Queensland. Tickets on sale now so grab ém: CHELSEA HEIGHTS HOTEL (VIC) - MARCH 29 tix available here PARKWOOD TAVERN (QLD) - EASTER SUNDAY tix available here

Don't forget we are also playing at Solbar Maroochydore in the car park for their 7th birthday bash over the Easter long weekend on SATURDAY MARCH 31st and you can get tickets for that here CHEERZ! JEBZ


Hey gang! We're super excited to announce that we will be playing a special EASTER WEEKEND show at Solbar in Maroochydore QLD on SATURDAY MARCH 31st! There'll be other swell bands playing too, including Ness's band The Tommyhawks! Get yer early bird tix right now from here CHEERS! JEBS image description


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