Our 6th studio album OIKS is released into the wild today. To celebrate it, we are going to tour far and wide across Australia throughout the year with our good mates Magic Dirt, hitting up every state and territory and promising to leave hearts and ears buzzing. Tickets are available now, along with a very special fan offer of a $5 digital download of OIKS with any gig ticket!

This new record began in a Perth studio in 2018, was shut down for a couple of years during a pandemic until finally being finished sometime in 2022. All of our albums have been a labour of love, becoming signposts that mark out a significant chapter in the band's life and history. OIKS is no exception and maybe even the most significant of them all, given what we had to go through to get here.

It probably goes without saying that we are proud of this record. We went into the studio and took a chance on the chemistry still being there. If it wasn't, well the worst that could happen was we got to spend a few days together mucking around in the studio. Luckily, things sort of slipped into place. Put the four of us in a room together, close the door and something happens. Turns out that when you strip everything else away, the outside world and the last 30 years, what's left is the same stuff that was there when we first started hanging out and making a racket in 1995. A little gang of oiks. No big plans or grand ambitions necessarily. Just the idea that we could turn this into...something. And in the process we would pick up again on the same stories and in-jokes we've been entertaining ourselves with since we were teenagers.

Today though, it's not just for us anymore. This noise is for all of you oiks too! Come join our gang and turn it up loud!



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Airlie Beach Festival of Music 2024

We are super excited to be coming to Airlie Beach in sunny Queensland for the Airlie Beach Festival of Music 2024 on November 8th! Grab yer tix and we'll see you on the sand!


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Jebs head to Torquay

We are playing a massive Easter Saturday show at the Surf Club in Torquay, Victoria on March 30th! Check it out! Tix available now HERE

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Our brand new single from our soon to be released studio album OIKS (April 12) is now available to stream, download and nod your head to!

Whatcha waiting for? Go git it!


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