Released: 1st Oct 2002 Recorded: Mangrove Studios Produced: Magoo

  1. October - Lyrics


SINGLE: OCTOBER, 2002 Verse 1: I'm telling you this is too good to be true When the most we have to do is open windows So, just let your worries drown in a smile lose that frown Yeah, we'll both still be around come the morning Pre-Chorus: When summer ends She just want's to be friends Her mind's mixed up Chorus: Got a year to go till next October To make sure the season's not over Get me straight and get me sober again Verse 2: Are you joking? We got almost everything You don't pay that bird to sing out the daytime And the sun sets on the beach, I could swear it's trying to reach With two golden hands as if to try and touch you Pre Chorus Chorus Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba… Pre Chorus Chorus (x2) Ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba…